1 Day trip from Tokyo to Kamakura and Enoshima

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Recommended itinerary for a 1-day tour in Kamakura

Kamakura and Enoshima, we will start our journey at the train station in the center of the city, that is. In Shinjuku area, we take the Odakyu train to fujisawa station, buy a train ticket at the Odakyu counter at the station or buy a 1-day pass to visit Enoshima (Enomapass) .

After arriving at Fujisawa Station, take Kamakura local train to Kamakura Station to visit Tsurugaoka Shrine. Hachimangu

Then go back to the train at the same station, but on the opposite side, go back to Hase Station to visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura at Kotokuin Temple and Hase-dera Temple.

When traveling Go back to the original train station But here there are 2 ways to choose from:

1. Get off at Enoshima Station and walk to Enoshima Island. Which will have to walk more than type 2, about 500 meters.
2. Sit down at Fujisawa Station and change to Odakyu’s enoden train instead to get off at Katase Enoshima Station, it will walk less. But having to spend more time riding the train and changing lines as well

If anyone wants to chill, it is easy to choose type 1, it is easy to walk a little more, but I recommend that on the way to Enoshima Island, stop at Katase Enoshima Station, it looks pretty as well.

And then we finally reached the bridge over Enoshima Island. The bridge (actually more like a walkway) is only about 400 meters long. Will take a walk and taste the sea You can experience the sandy beaches of Japan around this bridge first. Or just walk to enjoy the view on the bridge across the island to go to the food. With the most popular menu: Shirasu Donburi

After our stomach is full, we will continue to visit the famous shrine of the island which is Enoshima Shrine. At the end of the shrine, walk deep into the island. Which will pass through the garden and the tower first Because we will stop by on the way back in the evening once

Let us walk straight into The southern coast of the island continues with Iwaya Caves and then detour to the couple’s key lock point. Love Bell

When the evening starts, we walk back to Samuel Garden and Sea Candle, walk up the tower. Wait for the evening He will turn on the light very beautiful

When it’s time to go back There is nothing difficult, just walk to the Odakyu Enoden train at Katase Enoshima Station and get off at Fujisawa Station, and then connect the Odakyo train to Shijuku.