10 Tourist attractions in Japan Metropolitan Tokyo

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Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and is also a city that combines famous tourist spots. Japan’s popular hits are here too. About the modernity would not have to mention Especially the rail transportation system that has a network that covers all areas. Makes traveling to various tourist attractions is very easy and convenient, and is also a collection of shops, restaurants, shopping centers, famous amusement parks. In addition, Tokyo also has natural attractions. There are many palaces, shrines and temples, and beautiful rivers and mountains. Tokyo is often one of the first cities that tourists come together

1. Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple, or Asakusa Kannon Temple, or some people call Red Light Temple, is Tokyo’s largest Buddhist temple in Asakusa. People like to walk to the temple and to visit both the temple and the outside. Inside is a statue of Guanyin (God of Mercy).

2. Nakamise Street

Nakamise Shopping Street, approximately 200 meters long, is the main road leading to Sensoji Temple. Along the way, there will be a lot of merchandise, especially souvenirs such as yukata, folding umbrellas, and a variety of snacks. It is a busy road most of the time.

3. Meiji Jingu shrine

Meiji Shrine Harajuku ( Meiji Jingu)Located closest to Harajuku Station. But honestly, it’s close to both places like Harajuku Station and Yoyogi Station, so if you walk, it should take about 10 minutes. Which makes the surrounding area of ​​the shrine seem shady and full of trees surrounding it. It can be said that the size comes in the midday of the summer, it doesn’t get hot. Which can enter both ways At the entrance there is a large torii in front. 

When walking through the pillars, there will be a forest in the center of the city. There are as many as one hundred thousand trees, also known as Meiji Jingu’s forest. When you enter the forest, you will feel peace completely different from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It is suitable for those looking for a shrine that, although in the city center, gives a calm and serene atmosphere as if it were in the suburbs.

4. Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace is located on the site of the former Edo Castle. It is now the residence of the Japanese royal family. Surrounding the palace is a large garden area surround by moats and stone walls. The castle can be reach from Tokyo Station, approximately 10 minutes. In the past, the Edo period was the residence of Tokugawa Shogunate. Japanese rulers during the years 1603-1867, but in the year 868 there was a change of rule. And move the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo Therefore, this palace was built in place of the Edo Castle.

5. Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is considered the number one theme park in Japan. Anyone visiting Tokyo can’t help but come here once. Its popularity can be seen as an amusement park with nearly 20 million consecutive tourists per year, the largest in Japan and the second largest in the world. Will come as a family group, a friend group, or a couple, you will definitely be able to enjoy it Because this place is extremely big and also divide into zones to allow you to walk all day long. But recommend to come from the morning Otherwise the time is not enough to travel.

6.  Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is a theme park in the Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disney Resort), inspire by the design, construction from fairy tales and sea legends.

7. Kabukicho District

Kabukicho District The name of this district comes from the kabuki theater in Ginza (kabuki theater). Kabukicho  is the largest nightlife district in Japan. There are restaurants, pubs, bars, nightclubs, pachinko shops, love hotels, and 18+ shops that both Japanese men and tourists visit to keep their eyes open.

8. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market used to be a large fish, vegetable and fruit wholesale market in the heart of Tokyo. Which among the wholesale markets scatter in Tokyo The fish market is arguably the most famous and was once known as one of the world’s largest fish markets, but as of 2018, the entire seafood wholesaler was move. Instead of at Toyosu Market due to insufficient space Therefore, at present, there will be only retail and restaurant zones. But even so, it is still one of the best parts of Tokyo to visit.

9. Ueno Park

9. Ueno Park is known as a big park in Tokyo. If you come around Ueno, you will definitely be here and not just sit and relax. Because this park is not just an ordinary park But inside I can say that it is very complete Inside there are temples, shrines, lakes and a zoo with many trees. Giving a shady atmosphere, it is a popular place for Tokyo residents to relax. The normal period that the popular people come and tell me that it will peak at the most during spring of every year. 

From the fact that the cherry blossoms are lined on either side, along the paths of the garden There are more than 1,000 trees that bloom around the end of March to the beginning of April. This makes it attract a lot of people to visit in the cherry blossom festival. Also known as Hanami Festival I can tell that even during that time, people will be crowd, but it’s worth it. Because the cherry blossoms were in full bloom at the same time, it was all over the place.

10. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower was model after the Eiffel Tower in Paris. France It is very similar in height that the Eiffel Tower is only 13 meters taller. Tokyo Tower was completed around 1958 as a symbol of Tokyo. At the top of Tokyo Tower is a television and radio tower. It is also open for tourists to go up to see the view as well.