3 Exfoliator for a smooth, even skin that stays clear and dull!

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Another factor of having beautiful, smooth skin. In addition to nourishing with suitable skin care products Exfoliator is another way to help create a clear, white skin. Because if we leave the skin without exfoliation at all Old skin cells that have worn off will not be exfoliated. Will create an overlapping layer of Bangkok Resulting in rough skin When applying skin care cream The cream does not penetrate deeply into the skin cells. Makes applying nourishing cream is not effective, so women should always scrub the skin on a regular basis. If you want to have beautiful, smooth and clear skin as you want.

What are the benefits of Exfoliator?

As for the benefits of exfoliation, the main thing is to remove dead skin cells. This will help reveal new, more vibrant skin. And make the effectiveness of the use of nourishing cream even more effective Helps slow down the occurrence of wrinkles and reduce cellulite in the skin. Makes the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch. It also stimulates the circulation of blood to have a good system. Which affects the inside of the body, when the blood and the air circulate well, it will affect the outside Exfoliation is not only useful in beauty, just that. Because it can also help create relaxation Especially if women use a light-scented exfoliant, it will give you the feeling of being at a spa For any young woman who wishes to have beautiful, clear skin Without dullness and blackness, we recommend an effective exfoliating product. Comes with fragrance and also helps to relax at the same time while polishing, which brands will be available? What brands are there? Let’s go see

1. Akami Skinpeel Exfoliator

What is special about it is a lotion type scrub that does not need to be washed off. Can be used every day without irritating the skin. Because it is a semi-nourishing, semi-exfoliating product It will help cleanse and stimulate the circulatory system to work better. Nourishes and removes old skin cells gently. Without damaging the skin layer, which causes the skin to thin. It also helps build skin firmness and help reduce roughness of the pores. With regular use, the skin will be smooth and healthy.


It is a skin exfoliant that can be used for both the body and the face. With the main ingredient like crushed red bean seeds And primrose seeds, which help to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells while also having marigold oil that will directly nourish the skin after it has been scrubbed. Therefore, the skin is smooth, soft, moisturized and does not cause any tension after using it. However, such exfoliating products should be scrubbed 2-3 times a week. Because it may cause the skin to thin

3. Skinfood BLACK SUGAR Perfect Essential Scrub 2X Exfoliator

It is a skin scrub that focuses on black sugar ingredients. With an emphasis on exfoliation of skin cells in particular This product is effective in removing dead skin cells as well. This will help reveal new skin to be ready to nourish with the ingredients in the scrub. Called to complete the beauty treatment in one step. Both exfoliating and nourishing for skin that is moist and smooth, naturally bright and beautiful

How are you girls? You can see that all 3 products are effective in removing skin cells altogether. The use of scrubs is also essential to maintain and enhance beautiful skin. Anyone who wants a new scrub, you can choose from these 3 brands I certify that I will not be disappointed.