5 “cherry blossom viewing” spots in Tokyo

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Cherry blossom viewing, Tokyo is not only the most prosperous and largest capital of Japan. It is also one of the cities with the most cherry blossom viewing spots. Which can be said that there are cherry blossom trees to see in almost every park of Tokyo ever. But even so, most tourists tend to congregate only at famous places. Therefore, we would like to introduce 5 hidden cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.

1. Sanyabori Park

Sanyabori Park is a small park located in Not far from Asakusa area. that even the Japanese themselves are not familiar with, near the Sumida River where you can see the cherry blossoms blooming together The tallest building in Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree 

2. Demboin Temple Gardens

The garden of Demboin Temple is strange but true that this temple even exists. Adjacent to the exploding Asakusa Temple of Tokyo, but there are not many tourists. How much do you visit? Therefore, there is no need to compete with people. Eight at Asakusa Temple Inside, there is a beautiful Japanese-style garden that is unbeatable and, of course, there are cherry blossom trees as well, making it a perfect cherry blossom viewing spot. It is located in a beautifully arranged garden. One of the best in Tokyo

3. Garden along the Zenpukuji River

The Zenpukuji riverside garden where cherry blossom trees line both sides of the river can be seen is very beautiful. Especially during the time when the petals begin to fall and cover until it becomes a pink river.

4. Showa Memorial Park

Showa Memorial Park is a cherry blossom viewing spot in western Tokyo that, in addition to having a beautiful tunnel of pink cherry blossoms, can be seen. There is also a field of bright yellow rapeseed flowers on the ground that contrasts beautifully with the pink of cherry blossoms.

5. Sarue Onshi Park

Sarue Onshi Park is another beautiful but not-so-popular riverside cherry blossom spot in the heart of Tokyo.