6 suspension bridges to see the wild nature of Japan

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Japan is characterize by an archipelago surrounded by rich seas and beautiful natural resources. And also filled with many valleys and valleys from the valleys with deep gorges and rivers that flow. Causing many suspension bridges to be built. That can be utilize, including as a point to view the beautiful natural scenery. Amid the excitement from the suspension bridge that may be shaking all the time This time, we have gathered together suspension bridges across Japan, each with their own unique, thrilling, and charming views.

1. Kokonoe’s Yume Tsuribashi Bridge

Gokonoe Yumsuribashi Bridge is located in the Kusu district of Oita Prefecture. It is one of Japan’s first and longest suspension bridges, measuring 390 meters in length and 173 meters in height in the midst of fertile valleys. You can say that the view is so beautiful that you almost forget your breath Until receiving the nickname “Walkway to Heaven” bridge that is the path of heaven on earth There is a cost of admission, including general (over 13 years old) 500 yen, children between 6-12 years old, 200 yen and under 6 years old can enter for free. With many amenities It is also in the middle of the top waterfall tourist spots, “Shindo Falls and Odaki Falls”. If you are not afraid of heights and want to experience the thrilling scenery. Do not miss this bridge altogether.

2. zaoh Bridge

Zao Bridge is located in the Aridagawa district of Wakayama Prefecture. The crimson-colored bridge makes it stand out for the eyes. It is 160 meters long, located over Futagawa Dam in the middle of nature. Especially during the spring to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. It also has a different charm in every season. And here is a very popular viewpoint when visiting Wakayama Prefecture.

3. Tanize no Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge

Tanise no Tsuribashi Bridge is located in the Yoshino district of Nara Prefecture. It is one of the longest bridges in Japan, with a length of 297.7 meters and a height of 54 meters, with little space to walk. Located above the Totsukawa River that flows through a wide valley. The wooden floor is made from wood material. Secured by a sophisticated cable connection between Uenoji and Tanise. And from the length of the bridge when walking, it causes a lot of vibration Therefore it is extremely challenging for the walkers But it’s worth it for the panoramic valley view. At the beginning of the bridge there is also a coffee shop where you can sit and relax and enjoy the view. The most beautiful time to see the view on the bridge is Spring or late autumn In early August, there will be a spectacular performance by the Taiko (和 太 鼓) drum team performing on the bridge.

4. Minobashi Bridge

Minobashi Bridge It is located in Mino city of Gifu prefecture. It is an old suspension bridge. Completed in August 1916, it has a unique design. Length 116 meters, width 3.1 meters, overlooking the Nagara River (Nagara) is popular as a walk. Or even cycling to get the cool breeze. As well as being recognize as one of the important cultural heritage of Japan. And it is also a popular spot for viewing autumn leaves in Gifu Prefecture.

5. Iya no Kazura Bridge

The Aiyanokazura Bridge is located in Miyoshi City of Tokushima Prefecture. The bridge is more unique than the others because of its strong and strong local ground vines. It is used to build the bridge, making it look different from other places. It is 45 meters long, 2 meters wide and 14 meters high. Below is a stream. Surrounded by forests, mountains, various plants. The bridge was originally built to facilitate travel between the Miyama Kagae Valley and is rebuilt every three years. But nowadays, renovations have made the bridge more durable and safer. It also focuses on being a natural view point. Admission will be charge for adults at 550 yen and children 350 yen.

6. Yume no Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge

Yomenosuribashi Bridges is located at Sumataki Gorge in Shizuoka Prefecture. The location is the confluence of the Oma River and the Sumata River. This creates a spectacular view from the view of the rich forests and the clear emerald green water that is rare in Japan. The bridge over the river is design with an airy, straight walking area that is 90 meters long and 8 meters high, plus the dynamic suspension bridge features. It is limit to 10 people walking at a time from the bridge between many natural connection points. Making it a popular natural viewing point Especially during the autumn to see the autumn leaves in the clear emerald green water. It was voted as one of the top 100 nature that should be preserved in the 21st century and ranked among the top 100 most beautiful new tourist destinations in Japan. In addition, if walking to pray about love in the middle of the bridge will make love come true as well.