7 attractions in Hokkaido popular tourist spots

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I traveled to Hokkaido all the time but only planned to eat seafood. And Alaskan crab buffet Would not be worth the trip much Because Hokkaido is not only good in food But there are also many other attractions that are equally interesting because Hokkaido is a large island located in the northernmost part of Japan. Therefore has a cool landscape all year round Including natural scenery that should be visited once in your life And if anyone wants to try an onsen hot spring In Hokkaido, it is also available. So what is interesting about this region? Let’s check out 7 popular tourist spots in Hokkaido.

1 . Jozankei onsen, the city of Sapporo

This onsen Located in Shikosutoya National Park, not far from downtown Sapporo. Therefore, it is popular with tourists and residents of the city who like to enjoy the onsen. Because it is convenient to travel And also has a beautiful backdrop. So it is known casually as “Sapporo Living Room”. And there are many ryokan-style inns around the area. The service fee to soak in the onsen is only 1,000 – 1,500 yen, but if not convenient. Want to just soak your feet?

2.Matsumae former castle town

Old Town Matsumoto anime ( Matsumae Soccer_Juve Former Town)  located southwest of Cape Shirakami (Cape Shirakami) the southernmost point of the island of Hokkaido. It is only 20 kilometers from the Tsugaru Strait. Aomori. The old town of Matsume is consider to be a great tourist attraction in many places. Who saw that it was the loudest, had to give Viewpoint on the hill. Which occupies that area is Matsumae Castle (Matsumae Castle or Fukushima Castle) in the midst of rich nature.

3. Mount Yotei , Niseko City

Mount Yotei ( Mount Yotei)  or as many people known. “Fuji of Hokkaido” is located in Niseko city of Hokkaido (Hokkaido). The nickname is probably due to the perfect cone shape as Mount Fuji. But less tall Therefore has a nickname that “Little Fuji”, sure enough. By this mountain, it is a very famous place in the city that has it all. But I can tell you that if you think that Niseko is good at Mount Yotei, then it is wrong. Because, in other words, it is very famous for being a ski resort town. Skiing spots are located around Mt. Niseko Annupuri or Niseko United outside the city, which can be divided into four zones: Annupuri, Niseko Village, Grand Hirafu, and Hanazono, which are all good.

4. Cape Soya , Wakkanai City

Laem Ya Paso ( ‘s Cape Soya) located at the northeast of the city of Wakkanai. (Wakkanai) of Hokkaido (Hokkaido), which is about 30 kilometers from the city. It can be said that Cape Soya is known as the northernmost point of Japan. Point that can be considered as the highlight of this cape, that is. The headland is marked with the Northernmost Point Monument, which is triangular. And a statue of Mamiya Rinzo, a famous Japanese explorer in the late Shogun era. A explorer of the Sakhalin Island (Sakhalin) can be considered as one of the main attractions of Wakkanai to try to visit once anyway.

5 .  Factory Chocolate (Shiroi Koibito ), the city of Sapporo

Famous souvenirs of Hokkaido that most tourists are well known. This is Shiroi Koibito branded butter cookies, made by Ishiya Company, which is open to tourists to visit the factory. Inside the factory, visitors can see the delicious cookie production up close every step of the way. There are also many desserts such as soft cream cupcakes and chocolates, or if you would like to try your own cookie making workshop. There is also a short course at the factory.

6 .  Furano Ski Area

There are many tourists Who intend to come to ski at this place In addition to tourism and dining alone. Because of Furano ski area It used to be a ski area used in world competitions. Therefore there are not too steep slopes For beginners to skiers, and on the slopes for the pros, or to join in on snow activities, such as riding in a dog-sled car like the ones seen in the movies. Are equally interesting.

7 .  Cruise Glacier’s Nihonbashi River (Abashiri, the Drift to Ice ), the city of Abashiri

Abashiri glacier It is a specialty of Hokkaido that you should visit and experience once in your life. If traveling during the months of January – March, because generally Glaciers usually only exist in the Arctic Ocean. But looking at the glacier alone would not be fun. You have to try to ride an icebreaker to see the surrounding scenery because it is called an icebreaker because When the ship collides with the ice sheet The ice then separated so that the ship could continue its journey. The boat operates 4-5 times a day, so if you want to go on an amazing glacier cruise, you need to check the timing carefully.