7 Attractions in Osaka, Eat, shop and enjoy

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When talking about Osaka, you can say that it is a really colorful city. Tourist attractions, regardless of genre, are available for both temples and temples. Beautiful and sacred shrines Great theme parks, world-class hits Traditional japanese architecture Shopping mega-giant like Tokyo Plus the food is awesome, with a wide variety of local delicacies to choose from. Makes it become a hot destination all the time. When you come to Japan. More importantly, the cost of living is relatively light than Tokyo. You can say that Osaka is a city that has a lot of charm, and it will surely be your first visit. How many times do you go? When you visit, you will have to keep track of where you want to go and check out.

1. Dotonbori

A neighborhood that combines restaurants, shops and nightlife in one place. You can say that no matter who, if you come to Osaka and don’t come to Dotonborini, you don’t have to. The night is full of colors and the shops are very bustling. There are many different things to eat. In particular, take a picture at the famous Glico Running Man sign, which is a symbol of Osaka.

2. Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is one of the city’s most popular attractions. And is also a symbol of this city Built in the year. In 1583, there is a large castle garden filled with cherry trees. Which is very beautiful when it reaches spring at the end of March

3. Sumiyoshi Taisha shrine

One of Japan’s oldest and most famous shrines. You can see from the number of people who come to make a wish during the New Year, up to 2 million. Especially a popular highlight that tourists have to come to take pictures at the red wooden bridge Sorihashi (Sorihashi Bridge), which is said that once you cross it, you will find things that are sacred to life. Plus, the scenery is one of the best in Kansai.

4. Orbi Osaka

The museum presents life and nature. Under state-of-the-art audio-visual technology That will make learning no longer framed. It is a collaboration of SEGA, the leader in entertainment innovation, with BBC EARTH, the leader in nature documentary. It can be said that it is opening up a new experience of learning. That is hidden in entertainment, the kind that forgot to be boring.

5. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

The indoor aquarium has the best view as it is located right next to Osaka Bay. It is also large and ranks number one in the world. How big can you walk all day? Still don’t know if it will run? Because there are 8 floors together, each floor has a different theme. The water tank is call a selling point because it can really create a grand building. It is a source that brings together species of marine animals from all over the world to come together to see the full and enjoy the simulation of the environment that seems to be learned along with the fun of seeing these small and large aquatic animals in Same time.

6. Osaka National art museum

An art museum that embraces various fields of art from the past to the present. Including special collection exhibitions to show you from time to time But the building itself has already attracted more or less attention. Because it looks quite outstanding from the atmosphere around. Which was designed by Cesar Pelli, world-renowned Argentine-American architect. It has a unique style with its façade curved structure and metal material.

7. Namba Yasaka Shrine

Namba Yasaka Shrine  is located in the Namba district of Osaka. It is only about 15 minutes on foot from the popular photo spot such as the Glico billboard. It has a unique identity such as a large fierce lion’s head standing in front of it. It is 17 meters high, 11 meters wide and 7 meters deep. It is said that the mouth of a big lion. Will be able to swallow the bad things. Ward off all evil And bring good fortune. It became popular for tourists to pay homage to the monks in their studies or work in order to achieve the desired success. Plus, with its unique lion sculpture, despite its somewhat fierce face, it has become a popular photo ufabet spot for people visiting the shrine.