7 Must-visit spots in Shirakawa-go Village

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Shirakawa-go village located in Gifu Prefecture. It is a valuable tourist attraction that has been registered in the world heritage. With the beauty that, although it looks simple If it is full of things that clearly show the history of Japanese people in the past. It is a village located in the midst of a dense natural mountain range with the Shogawa River flowing through it. Actually, here there is a different kind of beauty to dress up every season. 

It can be said that this beauty is quite close to each other. Especially during the winter there is a special light show at night. Including the charm and beauty that are full of unique characteristics that can only be seen here. In addition, in the village, even in the vicinity, there will be many places to stop and enjoy. There will be some points that you must not miss, so prepare yourself and follow us quickly.

1. Kanda House

An ancient house that can be said to be more magnificent than the house in this opened as a museum. Where inside there will be various rooms and all the belongings of the former owner in its entirety Entered and we can see the well-being of the people of that time. Which this house may have an aura of smooth, hidden luxury in the house Since the original owner of the house has quite a base, it is best in this village. I can tell you that it is something that you shouldn’t miss anyway.

2. Wada House

Another ancient house that he opened as a museum for those who are interested to see every nook and cranny of the house. This house is as big as Kanda, if it is a little more simple than the villagers. And still able to walk through the full 4 floors, every part is still preserved to be the most original. All parts are not only used in daily life. If you can also see the lifestyle of the local farmers in this area through the houses and appliances as well. I can tell you that it has come and really realized that the wisdom of those in the past was really extraordinary.

3. Myozen-ji Temple

An old temple that is different from other temples With building architecture in Gasso Tsukuri style Which makes the temple in harmony with the surrounding nature In the past, it used to be the residence of the monks who regularly come or pass by. Until now, there are still those items that are still being preserved in excellent condition and displayed inside. You can say that it is a unique temple that is very rare in Japan that you don’t want to miss.

4. Tenshukaku Observatory

Who wants to see the most beautiful panoramic view of Shirakawago Village, cannot come. Because only one corner of this angle can capture the wide angle of this place very well Even if you have to walk a little, it’s not very far, or if you do time, you can get in the car for a while. Day is also a beautiful one. Night has another charm. Even if the winter is snowy and the lights are on at night, this is really mesmerizing. Let me tell you that if you don’t want to miss the wonderful view of Shirakawago Village, you can’t miss it.

5. Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine

A small shrine that is as old as the village. The shrine retains its original architecture and structure. Despite its simplicity, not noticeable If it gives a feeling of peace and tranquility Everything has been seen to give a feeling of being back in the ancient times. Even the stone basin that was used to settle before entering the shrine is still the original stone basin. Plus, the nature around it makes it very shady. In addition to having religious values, this place also has community cultural values. With the opaque white sake brewing tower called “Doburoku”, this is a must-try specialty here. It is also the venue for a sake festival from September to October every year. It can be considered as an unadorned shrine that has both comfort and ease. Also watched and also went to make a wish for prosperity as well.

6. Shirakawago Three Houses

Another popular photo corner that many people have come to have been hit. It is an ancient Gasso-Tsukuri-style house that is installed on three sides. Whose front is a field that will be green in summer Golden yellow during the harvest season. Or snow in winter Think how chic the photo is. I can tell you that this corner doesn’t seem like it isn’t.

7. Shirakawago no Yu

Who like to soak and chill, must like this. Walk around when I want to relax and relax. Because in addition to enjoying a dip, you can also enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding nature and the Shogawa River at the outdoor sign area. And if you are fascinated, you can stay here too. Because here they have rooms for service as well.