7 things you should know before seeing cherry blossoms

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1.The golden rule of cherry blossom viewing

Many people may just think, “Let’s go see Sakura and what do you do next?” Besides we will consider what we are going to do There are still things that we need to take into account that There are also three golden laws that we should pound and recite in our hearts.

First of all, which is very important is never to touch or pick the flowers! Although the pink cherry blossoms are so beautiful that they are worth the touch. Must let him bloom on his tree like that Because the cherry blossoms will fall within 1-2 weeks, it is just a short time for us to admire these pink flowers. But if Sakura has to be bruised by tourists like us, this 1-2 week period will be cut short and shorter every time Sakura is knocked down. Or even being touche.

2. How do you plan to see the cherry blossoms you want?

It is very important. Check carefully when the cherry blossoms will bloom. In addition to looking at the sakura forecast We can also check when the sakura will bloom here. Because most of the time Stores and companies will play with the cherry blossom trend as well. It might give us information that is more sensitive than others. Even if someone you know in Japan, don’t wait. You can ask him without hesitation. 

And we have to quickly decide where we want to go to see the cherry blossoms, which provinces, the faster we know, the faster we can book the air tickets. Which means We will save more on the plane. Because airfare will be more expensive when entering during March – April. If anyone knows that the wallet itself is torn. Can immediately prepare Before having to eat instant noodle for a whole month because of the extremely expensive price As for the activities that you want to do, you can find out in advance. So as not to hurry

3. How is it raining?

Until summer There is still a chance that it will rain anyway! But we wouldn’t let the rain become a big deal to hinder our trip. Prepare to cope with the rain by having a backup plan. And it probably takes not much time to find information. For example, if we go to see the cherry blossoms at Meguro River. There are many restaurants and cafes in that area. In addition to eating delicious meals Will also be able to see the sakura as well Restaurants and cafes are also good ufabet options for sheltering from the rain when needed.

4. Is this cherry blossom or plum blossom?

If we go to see the sakura During the journey, “Oh, this is the cherry blossom tree.” We stop walking and take a couple photos. Didn’t know that it was a plum flower … Even though it is pink and looks just as cute But their main differences are Sakura has a stalk while plum blossoms do not. And the petals of the cherry blossoms have a small point. But plum blossoms have rounded petals

5. A flower from the gods

The Japanese believe The cherry tree is named after Princess Konohana Sakuyahime because it is believed that she was the first person to plant cherry blossoms on our human world. All mountains in Japan Her shrine was located at the foot of Mount Fuji because the Japanese believed that Princess Sakuya would take care of the people. By prohibiting volcanoes from erupting

6. What should I do as a couple?

When traveling with your partner, then To come and see the cherry blossoms in the park alone, it would be too common Try riding the train in cherry blossoms on the Torokko Train, Sagano Arashiyama Line, to make love pink like the flowers all around. Able to spend time with someone special in a special place. That is not going easily But if you think that riding the train is still too common Let’s ride in the chariot and let them know and survive! Went on a horse-drawn carriage tour to see the railway And can see the sakura at the same time Like traveling in the old days The atmosphere is another kind.

7.Old castle and cherry blossoms

Another spot for viewing cherry blossoms that is as beautiful as anywhere else is Funaoka Castle Ruin Park, which used to be the site of the castle. But was destroyed during the war Remains only the parts that have been restored to the beauty we see. And is home to more than 1,000 cherry trees. The identity of this place is similar to riding a tram Torokko Train is riding a tram up the mountain in the middle of the cherry blossoms. 

But if he had seen the picture or touched it Will understand that the atmosphere that we have received will be different Besides Sakura There are also many other flowers to enjoy walking along along the way. We guarantee that every corner will be beautiful and not enough. To worship each other as well Getting here is not much difficult, just take the JR Pass Tohoku Line and sit and lie down until you reach Funaoka Station.