7 Vintage Shops in Nakameguro

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Vintage Shops in Nakameguro. It is believed that the sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom on both sides of the river is unforgettable for anyone who has visited ‘Nakameguro’ in spring. But the popularity of this area is not only a cherry blossom viewing spot in the heart of Tokyo. This quiet area is also full of charm with many shops, restaurants, cafes, various types of shops that you can walk to shop and taste all day without getting bored. Including also the location of  second hand clothing store  and many famous antique shops together

For this reason, we selected 7 second-hand clothing stores.  Various styles and antique goods in the Nakameguro area that have received good reviews from people who have used the service. Which is located in a good location that brings money to easily go shopping. Near Naka-Meguro Station

JANIQUES (ジャンティーク)

JANTIQUES, a famous vintage clothing store popular with celebrities, stylists and models. This place is not only lined with vintage second-hand clothes from both Europe and Japan that blend perfectly together. but also packed with many antiques such as furniture various appliances collected from the 1800s to the 1930s, to guarantee how cool they are. We guarantee with a high review score of the restaurant. It can be called a favorite shop for Japanese and foreigners who love vintage products.

Fifth General Store (フィスフルストアラジェネ)

second hand clothing store  Cool in Nakameguro, where many rare items are hidden. Select vintage clothes from famous brands that both hip men and women will love. But secretly said that it is a shop that men should definitely not miss. Most of them are t-shirts. outerwear and sweaters Rare prints from Europe. There are also appliances, furniture, various antique items. To buy as well.

Arrived at a small second-hand clothing store. that is full of cute words Just looking from the outside, you can feel the warm Japanese feeling, like the clothes in earth tones mixed with cute embroidered clothes. Lined within the shoes, bags and trinkets. There is enough to choose to shop as well. Overall, it’s a pin shop for girls. Everyday look that needs to find a chance to come and shop.

JUMPIN’ JAP FLASH (ジャンジャップフランピッシュ)

Another unisex second-hand clothing store, but it is highly recommended for anyone who likes to mix and match street looks. Because this place is full of clothes from Europe that stand out with denim pants dressed up without a look. Angel cargo pants including the jacket T-shirts and sneakers of famous brands. The girls who are looking for a simple dress. Japanese style here is also available for shopping and shopping.

mAnchies  (マンチーズ)

A clothing store full of classic minimalist style. Anyone who likes a little look but a lot should not miss it. Although there may not be as many famous brands or rare items as the stores we mentioned above. But according to reviews, the owner is friendly and the clothes are in relatively new condition and the prices are cheap. There are also many accessories, shoes and bags to shop.

& Dorothy has  (アンドロシード)

Secondhand clothing store for men who like American fashion. There are a variety of clothing styles from the 1960s to the 1980s, including bohemian styles. Retro and minimalist style that you can mix and match every day. There are also some cool knitwear, sweaters and jeans for women. As for those who are afraid of losing their minds, they can be at ease. Because the shop has a goal to set a price that is suitable for the quality of the clothes itself.

 H Vintage (アッシュ)

Ending with another famous shop to please the girls. At love, colorful, vintage style. The theme of the shop is “High Quality, High Sense, Human, History, Heart, Handmade”. Selected clothes that focus on colors and unusual patterns, such as accessories such as shoes, hats, leather bags. You can come and see. Plus, this place is open for service on 2 floors for you to walk around and shop.