A collection of places to visit in Kagoshima

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Kagoshima Prefecture is the southernmost prefecture on the island of Kyushu. It is famous for many things such as sand onsen, sightseeing train, and Kurobuta pork.

1. Ibusuki no tamatebako

The Ibusuki no tamatebako train is a tourist train departing from Kagoshima Chuo Station. with themes based on the legend of Urashimataro with the dragon palace under the sea In which there will be many gimmicks based on this story, for example, when the train door opens, white smoke floats out, just like in the story that opened the box from the abyss. Inside the tank, there are also interior decorations about various fish species. Including something that mentions Urashima Taro. It was like sitting in a dragon palace. While seated, the train master brought us a small piece of paper that looked like it was written in his own hand. This is a paper that introduces various points that the train will pass through.

2. Sand Onsen

One of the famous highlights of Kagoshima Prefecture is the sand onsen, where Ibusuki is buried in the sand. By the way to enter the sand onsen is First of all, you have to take off all your clothes and the shop will provide you with a yukata. We will only wear yukata. and walk down to the beach And we choose where to bury him, indoor or outdoor. Since that day we go to the sun very strong, so we choose inside, but the heat of the sand between inside and outside is not much different. Choose the one you like. As for the way out of the sand onsen, just get up as usual and the rest of the staff will handle it.

3. Taste the Original Somen

Origin of Somen of Japan We live in Tosenkyo. Somen is cold water noodles. to let it flow along the bamboo tube and then let the people downstream pick up the line to eat It’s long and inconvenient. As a result, somen flow machines were developed. with the appearance of the picture As for the taste of somen here, I have to say that it’s delicious.

Let me first say that I’m not very fond of cold noodles, but here is another exception. Another famous item here is koi fish soup. This one has a rather strong herbal aroma in the soup. If anyone likes Chinese food style, this menu is definitely recommended for chili to ginger.

4. Lake Ikeda

Lake Ikeda It is one of the sightseeing spots in ibusuki city that you should come to, especially during January, you can see the flowers in full bloom. In addition, in this lake there are many legends and stories, such as the habitat of a giant eel that is more than 1 meter long. Has anyone ever seen a long-necked dinosaur known as Ischi? emerged from this lake too.

5. Nagasakibana

Another legendary tourist destination Urashima Taro It is a place where Urashima Taro is believed to be Go down into the Dragon Palace from here. It is also home to the Ryugu Jinja Dragon Palace shrine as well. For here, there will be a statue of Urashima Taro. which we can make a wish By circling the statue 2 times, women circle to the right, men circle to the left. When finished, use your hand to stroke the head of the turtle statue. It is believed that the wish will come true.