A collection of places to visit in Saga

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Saga is a prefecture adjacent to Fukuoka Prefecture. Can travel by private car takes no more than 1 hour and a half or 2 hours. It is a seaside province famous for porcelain. and fresh seafood Including many Thai people should be familiar with each other. Because it is also a shooting point for one of the famous Ufabet Thai dramas, that is, Stay Saga of Sunny young man from GDH camp.

1. Yobuko Fish Market

The Yobuko Morning Market has a history of 130 years and is famous for its fresh seafood. especially squid It’s squid sashimi from squid. At Yobuko Fish Market, you can travel all year round. Open from early morning until noon. On days when it’s cold or if the weather is too cold, there may be less squid that come out to catch. But at this market, there are not only squids, there are also conch-like shells for sale as well. including processed seafood products such as crushed squid, dried squid, dried fish And another thing that cannot be missed is squid dumplings. There are two types which are steamed and fried. both of which are delicious. I recommend that if you come here and want to come to Yobuko Market, you must try squid and squid dumplings.

Another menu that I recommend you to try is Squid Senbei Which is very special because he will make fresh senbei right there and then put the whole octopus in it and compress it together with Mape, so it will come out as big as the house. The resulting senbei is a bit salty, and the squid dumplings are a little more delicious.

2. Cape Hado Hodomisaki

Located about 10 minutes from the Yobuko fish market, it is another popular tourist destination for couples. The name of this place is Cape Hado ฮา or Hado Misaki in Japanese. This is a public park at the edge of the sea. It’s a good place to relax. The headland has a platform for viewing various kinds of fish underwater, showing the abundance of Saga Prefecture. You can call it a natural aquarium. When you go down, you will see various types of fish.

For admission to the seaside fish viewing platform, adults are 550 yen and children are 270 yen. Open daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

3. Arita, the City of Ceramics

Arita Gallery Pottery shop and gallery. in this city of Arita which is famous for pottery In this gallery there is a small cafe zone with a small gimmick that as soon as we enter Will be surrounded by many pottery equipment, about 90% of all that is glass. At this cafe, we can order drinks and take the glass that surrounds us to the staff and the staff will pour the drink into the glass that we have. selected In addition, if anyone is interested in pottery, the shop has them for sale in the zone next to each other.

in restaurants and cafes during this period There will be measures to prevent covid. For example, a tabletop coating is used that prevents germs from sticking to the table. easy to clean

4. Takao Takeo Shrine

Takeo Shrine It is located in the famous onsen town of Takeo in Saga Prefecture. There are many onsen to choose from. From a history that spans more than 1,300 years, inside the shrine there is a giant tree that is believed to have been formed by many trees. They grew up next to each other and then fused together to form a single large tree. This makes this shrine stand out in terms of blessings for love and bonding. If anyone comes here, I would recommend it. At first, I didn’t imagine the tree would be this big, but when I saw it with my own eyes, I felt wow. It’s really big. It was low and snow fell, so the picture that came out was a picture that once in ten years it was with a giant tree with snow piled up on its branches.

5. Takeo City Library

Or to be called correctly, it’s more like a library. because there are a lot of books here The staff said that there are more than 200,000 books here. In addition to that, there is also a TV and video player available to the people and tourists passing by. Or just chilling and sipping coffee to read a book to this library, there is a coffee shop service. This library is divided into 2 zones, one for adults and a zone at the back that is a separate library zone for children. The library is free of admission.