Dazaifu Tourism Pay homage to Tenmangu Shrine Taste grilled mochi

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Dazaifu is a small quiet town near Fukuoka City  If you’re only 20 minutes from Tenjin from the Tenjin area, you can visit Dazaifu , making Dazaifu the perfect city for a day trip from Fukuoka.

We started traveling from Fukuoka’s main train station is Hakata Station. Take the JR Kagoshima Line and get off at the JR Futsukaichi Station bus stop (takes about 15 minutes). If anyone has a JR pass, they do not have to pay. After getting off the bus, walk to another station to change trains as JR trains will not go directly to Dazaifu City. Take the bus at Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station and take another 2 stops to Dazaifu City Take a closer look at how to get there from Fukuoka Madazaifu ufabet.

Along the way to the shrine, there are many shops selling snacks, food, and souvenirs. Famous snacks that you should not miss when Madazaifu are Grilled mochi with hot red bean paste from the oven or called “Umegae-Mochi”, most shops here are made fresh. Finished molding, then bring it to grill for us together. To eat immediately will be the most delicious. Crispy on the outside and soft inside But if you can buy it back as a souvenir as well

After finish shopping for snacks, walk straight until you reach Tenmangu Shrine. This shrine is famous and popular among tourists and is quite large. Inside is a plum tree called Tobiume, which blooms from late February to mid March. It is another place to view the beautiful plum blossoms.

From Tenmangu Shrine, walk back through the pond. There will be a walkway to the National Museum of Kyushu Island. It is about 400 meters away from the shrine.

Kyushu National Museum  

A gigantic body made of blue glass facades. Built under the concept that “Understanding Japan through Asian Concepts” Inside the museum, there is a creative presentation of Japanese history. Make it look fun and not boring. Anyone who brings children to travel, can try and visit.

Go back to the same direction and you will see a small cross on the left. After walking a little, you will see the Komyozenji Temple.

Komyozenji Temple

 There is an interesting point of interest is a Japanese garden that is an abstract rock garden with 15 sets of stones arranged in Japanese characters that means “light”. Another garden is behind a large maple garden. Around November, the leaves will turn red. It is one of the spots for viewing autumn leaves that should not be missed if anyone comes during that time.