Hakone day trip itinerary from Tokyo

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Hakone located in the park Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, west of Tokyo. It is famous for its hot springs and the view of Mount Fuji. And because the tourist routes here are designed to travel in a circle. You can cycle left or right. Make it easy and convenient to plan your trip. It is a top tourist destination that tourists often think of. Today we’re going to take you an easy trip to Hakone to go back from Tokyo.


Starting from Shinjuku Station by Odakyu Romance Car, it takes about 85 minutes to get to Hakone – Yumoto. After that, take the Tozan Train to Gora to take the Hakone Tozan Cable Car. Also Sounzan, a place to go up and down the Ropeway, enjoy the view of Mount Fuji. From this cable car, we can see a 360 degree view ever. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the Owakudani Valley.

It is cause by the Kamiyama volcano eruption about 3,000 years ago to the present, beneath. The surface of this area still accumulates heat. Causing the water beneath it to evaporate into steam all the time. And from the volcanic sulfur that is still accumulating in large quantities, the evaporated water vapor smells of sulfur. People even called this mountain the ‘Hell Valley’ and due to the sulfur deposition, water pipes from various wells were sent to nearby onsens to allow tourists to get themselves off. Relax the muscles And can also help cure many diseases as well

What all tourists must do when they arrive in Owakudani Valley. It is to eat a black egg or Kuro Tamago, a hard-boiled egg in the wells of Owakudani Valley. The bottom price is 500 yen, there are five eggs, and there are also various souvenirs that are painted in black like an eggshell for sale. Or a souvenir And what should not be missed is Take pictures with Fujisan at the viewpoint of this valley, as it is the best spot to see Mount Fuji in Hakone.

Owakudani Valley 

After traveling around Owakudani Valley We are sitting next to a basket Togendai-ko, a pirate aboard the cruise Lake Ashi Cruise fares are divided.

Ordinary class: Adults 1,000 yen, Children 500 yen

First class: 1,500 yen for adults, 750 yen for children

Inside the boat will have a separate zone. First class and ordinary zone There are seats on the first and second floors, and there is also a roof deck with views of Mount Fuji and the lake.

After cruising the lake, we can take the Hakone Tozan Bus from Hakonemachi Port (Hakone-shindo line) or Motohakone-ko Port (Hakone-kyukaido line) to Hakone-Yumoto. To transfer back to Tokyo But if you have 3-4 hours left, you can take a boat (or Ashinoko-sky line bus from hakonemachi) back to Togendai to take the Hakone Tozan Shinjuku Hakone Line bus to Gotemba Station (takes about 30 minutes) and continue You can also go to Gotemba Premium Outlet (buses depart every 20 minutes).

Photo by Jungle from commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gotemba_premium_outlets1.jpg [CC by-sa 3.0] Returning from the outlet, take the bus back to Gotemba Station and take the Hakone Tozan Shinjuku Hakone Line For Shinjuku or the JR Gotemba Line for. KOZU and change to JR Tokaido Line for KOGANEI to enter Tokyo.