Kyushu, Japan’s third largest island

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Kyushu region is Japan’s third largest island, located in the southwest of the main island of Honshu. Consist of many important port cities that contact Trade with the Chinese And westerners for hundreds of years. With the capital is Fukuoka

Kyushu has all kinds of tourist attractions, including volcanoes and still active volcanoes, famous onsen resorts, amusement parks, water parks, temples, shrines, and famous restaurants. You can also travel all seasons, such as cherry blossom viewing in spring, autumn leaves viewing. As for the snow, it is only slightly less than the big island. Because it is in the lower part of the country. And another important reason why the Kyushu region is so interesting is the cost of living here It is quite cheaper than the Tokyo or Osaka area.

Nanzoin Temple

Nanzoin Temple is a lesser-known temple in Sasaguri City, Fukuoka Prefecture. (Fukuoka) But there is a lot of interesting things inside this temple. Such as the largest bronze Buddha image in Japan or maybe the world. And there are many other statues and Buddha images in this temple. But that makes this temple the most famous is. This temple is the starting point of the famous pilgrimage route of Kyushu.

Yufuin Floral Village

Village yufuin floor Cabral This is located yufuin in Oita (Oita) is known as a tourist destination characterized so much of it is not. Because this place is said to be a hot hit that caught the wind and became another landmark of Yufuin City that guests who visit must stop by and pin it up. The Yufuin Floral Village is a model village in the European style. It has an ancient European feel. Classic brick houses line a small street. Decorated with many kinds of flowers The perfect place to watch over there, chill out, plus many beautiful photo spots.

Yunohira Observatory Observatory

Scenic Eugene Nomura Hira is located on a hill at the north end of the summit. Sakurajima Volcano in Sakurajima Island (Sakurajima Island), Kagoshima Prefecture, is considered the most beautiful aerial view point. Due to its height above sea level, more than 373 meters. It is known as the highest viewing point sure enough. Not only that it is high, it is also located within the safest distance to the crater. It can be said that the crater can be seen as close as it can be.