List of free games on the Epic Game Store

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Free games on The Epic Game s Store continues to continue giving away free ufabet games, which is another policy that gamers love to play . There are now two free games, and next week. 2 more games will be given away for free , with the following names:


Free giveaway from today – July 22

In this game, players are abduct to another world. Where they must find their way back home. By exploring things and every decision will affect the end of the game.

Offworld Trading Company

Free giveaway from today – July 22

A strategy game where players will be able to colonize Mars and control the economy. by management Guaranteed fun by the Chief Game Designer of Civilization IV.

Defense Grid: The Awakening

Free distribution starts from 22 July onwards.

A base defense game where players have to build different units to find a way to defend the base from enemy invasion. The game is designed to be replayable and upgradeable as well.


Free distribution starts from 22 July onwards.

A multiplayer game with a story set during World War I. There are 5 countries in the game and 15 different teams. and real-time references to equipment, weapons, and scenarios for a realistic World War I experience.