Review of Lake Tazawa, cycling, boating

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Lake Tazawa is located in Akita Prefecture, Semboku City. It is known as the deepest lake in Japan with a depth of 423.4 meters. No matter how cold it is The surrounding scenery was very beautiful. especially in autumn like this There are also many interesting activities and viewpoints.

Cycling around the lake

If you want a fun trip around this lake You have to choose to rent a bike. At the lake’s bike rental point Cycling around the lake, enjoying the view, and stopping for delicious food along the way. There are both conventional and electric bicycles. We recommend the electric motor. Because it helps to save energy and ride more fun. When you get your lover’s bike, you can ride to get a fresh atmosphere. Inhale the smell of the lake If you want to cycle around the lake It will take no more than 2 hours.

Kayaking to see the red leaves

Another must-see activity is kayaking to see the red leaves at Lake Tazawa. Can be contacted at Tazawako Campground. There are both single and double kayaks, and staff teach you how to paddle and use the equipment in an easy way. safety guarantee Beginners can definitely paddle. We paddled to see the view of red leaves from the middle of the lake. And also have a closer look at the red tree under the tree, it’s even more beautiful. Plus, under the blue water, there are also fish swimming. The feeling of being on a boat in the middle of Lake Tazawa is a wonderful feeling like being embraced by nature.

mountain biking up a ski slope

Akita Tazawako Snow Resort, a famous ski area near Lake Tazawa. The ski slopes are now open for a new activity, mountain biking, for the off-snow season. So we have come to try the challenge of climbing by mountain bike. This mountain bike is an electric motor. Riding up hills is easier and safer. Just getting out of the way, it glides on with excitement. When riding up a ski slope We can see Lake Tazawa from above. Surrounded by mountains dotted with alternating red, orange and green leaves, this is a panoramic view that is beyond description. In winter, it becomes a bustling ski slope.

Tatsuko Statue goddess of youth

The golden Tatsuko statue located in the lake is a famous sightseeing and photogenic spot. This is a statue of Princess Tatsuko or Tatsukohime in folklore. It is said that Princess Tatsuko came to drink water at the lake to maintain her beauty and youth. until becoming a dragon that protects this lake Princess Tatsuko became a symbol of youthful beauty. causing many Japanese women to come to pray for beauty Also, the lake and mountain view where the Tatsuko statue stands is also beautiful. It’s a good place to take a photo with the statue as a souvenir. in order to be beautiful forever