Top 3 serums, skin care products from Japan

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Back in the years, some of the most well-known skin care products we know were facial cleansers, body creams, moisturizers, and sunscreens. But may be due to various pollution The use of cosmetics or many activities in modern times Making just that skin care might not be enough. It also includes technologies or innovations. Increasing As a result, nowadays there are many more skin care products. Whether it’s cleansing, toners, boosters, lotions, slaps or serums, for example, many people who are just starting to look to pamper their skin are not quite right about what to choose. Which if we advise then If interested in a branded product But don’t know which one to choose The first product that should be chosen to try is “serum”.

Get to know the serum first. Serum is a product in the process of skin care. Typically, serums are more concentrated than other moisturizers. It is also produced to be slim Therefore, using serums tend to see results faster than the use of pure moisturizer. Besides that, with the lightness and fast absorption of the serum, it makes skin nourishing with the serum first, helping the skin to be moisturized. Strong and absorbed by other skin creams. Better shared Makes the skin care cream used even more effective as well.

For anyone who has multiple skin care products And do not know how to add serum at any stage Usually serums can be applied right after washing your face or after wiping off toner. Before followed by other skin creams But if someone has a skin care booster or slap, use them first. Followed by a serum and then followed by a moisturizer. Or a simple way That is, notice the texture of the product. If the one has the most watery and lightest look, use it first. Chasing after the thickness to the cream. After reading the articles that we have presented today Anyone interested in finding a serum to use Today we have a good serum that is the top 3 from cocme website, a famous skin care ranking website from Japan to recommend.

1. ETVOS Moisturizing serum

Famous serum from Japan suitable for dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin. Free of silicones, parabens, fragrances and artificial colorants No surfactants It is clinically tested to ensure the tenderness. It also contains ceramides that help draw moisture to the skin, making the skin bouncy, full of water.

2. Obagi C25 Serum NEO

A serum that helps fight skin aging, signs of aging. With 25% vitamin C, it helps to nourish the skin in 5 ways: helping to make pores look smaller, tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles. Provides moisture to the skin. And contains essential oils that are a soothing grapefruit scent.

3. Melano CC Medicated Intensive Anti-Spot Essence

Serum that is a combination of alpinia white that helps to moisturize with vitamin C and vitamin E derivative. The serum can be absorbed into the skin quickly to help brighten the skin. It also contains ingredients that help prevent acne. And moisturizes acne scars, thus helping fade acne scars as well

It’s over for the story of the serum that we bring today. The serum is really suitable for everyone, it should be a basic skin care that everyone has in possession. However, if someone who does not like to use skincare, for example, at least, what should be the Facial cleansing products, serums and sunscreens for beautiful skin so that you can stay with me for a long time and do not forget, in addition to choosing products that suit your skin. Allergy testing is just as important as it is. The simple test is to apply a serum on the arm area. If you don’t have an itchy rash, it’s okay.