Yamagata for a day in a very satisfying way

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2Y in 1 Day at Yamagata
(Yonezawa & Yamadera)

If you are bored of Nikko, Fuji, Karuizawa but want to find a beautiful place to travel. It has fresh nature and delicious food to eat, and it’s not far from Tokyo. We recommend Yamagata Prefecture because it takes about 2 hours by Shinkansen. If a zone Yonezawa  to remedy the Madeira , which lies south of the province, it’s even close. One night is enough. Or if you are diligent in waking up a bit early, you can still go early in the morning and return from Tokyo. Let’s see if we have 1 day with 2Y, where should we go ufabet?

Y1: Yonezawa

If you want to open a beautiful trip It has to start with delicious food. Thai people like us are longing for great beef. so don’t miss it ‘Yonezawa Beef’, the famous specialty of the hill country. The beef here is special than other beef in that it is raised in a method that emphasizes the fattening and caressing over the course of 33 months. The beef here is not so famous that just getting off the train at Yonezawa Station, you will find a welcome cow statue. Going out to the exit, I see a bento restaurant, another trap beef rice bowl. Seeing the price is cheap, don’t get excited, take the money for him. Please be patient and tap the ticket out of the station. Walk straight for less than 5 minutes and you will find our destination, Gyunabe O-ki .

Y2: Yamadera, Yamagata

After having a full meal, take the train to continue the journey. Our next destination is Yamadera Station.

Yama means mountain, Tera means temple. That’s right, we’re going to pay homage to the temple on the mountain.

You don’t have to like temples to come here. Because Yamadera Station is in the middle of the valley The river flows slowly, and the surrounding nature is majestic, peaceful, and beautiful. It’s enough to come and rent a yukata to wear for a walk, eat snacks, and sleep in an onsen ryokan.

This temple is popularly known as Yamadera Temple , but is actually called Risshakuji Temple . It was built in 860 AD. The famous Japanese poet Matsuo Basho also wrote a poem about this place. Climb up to the top Let’s go all the way to Godaido at the top. The panoramic views from up here are so mesmerizing you’ll forget you’re tired of the valleys, rivers, communities and fresh air. no matter what season The view from here is worth every sweat. Before going down, don’t forget to stop by the vintage gems at Konjouin for good luck.