8 Sweet Souvenirs From Tokyo That cannot be found

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Tokyo is one of the most famous cities in Asia and around the world. It is a destination for tourists all over the place to come in contact with this city. Another problem near the return date is what to buy as a souvenir to friends, fans, even relatives, which makes many people even headaches. Because there are so many desserts to choose from This problem will be eliminated with this article that we have updated the sweet masterpiece items that are unique and stylish. Suitable for all genders and ages, like the recipient of course with 8 delicious snacks from Tokyo That cannot be found in ufabet Thailand

1. Nenrinya

Just the storefront is already attractive with showing off the production process of Baumkuhem cakes that guarantee that every piece is made fresh day by day. Bakuhem, or German log cake, is rotated around the cake, giving it a shape resembling a log. Nenrinya has long been a famous souvenir shop in Tokyo for its smooth taste. The cake is firm. The meat of the cake is not too dry, it still gives a rich and juicy taste. And smell the scent of vanilla. It is the perfect combination between the East and the West.

2. Fairycake Fair

The cupcakes are super cute decorate. What the girls have seen, besides wanting to taste it, definitely can’t help but take a picture But do not think that only good looks The taste is equally good if there is still meticulousness from the selection of raw materials to the making process. There is also a special cake making that uses local ingredients each season to create a new flavor of cake to try all year round. But if going on the plane, you have to put together a little more than usual.

3. Bulgari

Many people, when they are unable to figure out what snacks to buy as a souvenir, they tend to think of chocolate as the top spot. it is chocolate normal or not? You can say that you can just remove the plain word from Bulgari’s chocolates, as the chocolate here is consider one of the best chocolates, has a world-class reputation and has few branches. Including being very popular with celebrities With a blend of Italian and Japanese that is a little sweeter, a little bit bitter, adding a soft touch with milk. Every piece is hand craft like a fine piece of art. During the autumn season, Citrusy yuzu comes out with yuzu citrus to cut off the bittersweet flavor. The sourness is slightly sour and the Bulgari Il Cioccolato La Crema made with import hazelnuts is spread over bread. This thick bread is delicious, forget the fat. Most importantly, every item comes in an elegant box, perfect as a souvenir for that special someone.

4. Cheesecake : Shiseido Parlor

From the popular cosmetic brands to the hottest cafes Each type of dessert has been select as the best fit for being a high-end store. Ordinary snacks can make it unusual. But what must be recommended to buy as a souvenir that is cheesecake, see small pieces, like mini Danish desserts. But the quality tells me that it is tight Whether with rich premium cheese The best flour is selected from Hokkaido. Makes the taste crunchy on the outside, if soft on the inside, almost melting in your mouth. More importantly, less sweet, the more I like it.

5. Lightly Crispy Butter Sandwich : Sugar Butter Tree

Another popular dessert in Tokyo that is delicious and unique. Because it is a combination of two cereal flour mixed with excellent quality butter. It turns out to be a semi-nutty, cookie and bread sandwich with a light crunch. Put together and stuff with white chocolate. Both flavor and sweet Is a unique deliciousness Until it gained popularity quickly In autumn, the traditional Maple butter. Tree is stuffed with some of Japan’s finest maple syrup. Including newly released desserts with cute faces like Panda Sugar Butter Tree.

6. Popular sweet potato yokan: Funawa

Popular Japanese desserts of all time that anyone can like. The sweet potato yokan (Imo Youkan) is one of Funawa’s long-standing best-selling snacks. Can be seen from the length of the rows that are always queued up. The sweet potato yokan may look ordinary, but the taste is far more common. Starting from selecting the sweet potato layer in the country of the big children Peeled each piece by hand Bring the blind thoroughly and mix a small amount of sugar and salt. That will not add any color or preservatives Resulting in a very natural delicious taste Even if you try to bring it back and grilling, it will give you a different taste. Perfect as a souvenir for respected adults or people who love health.

7. Karinto traditional sweets, over 300 years old: Nihonbashi Nishiki Horin

Karinto is a noble dessert with a history of more than 300 years, made from wheat flour, molded into small pieces, fried until crisp, then coated with white sugar. If you prefer to coated with black sugar more Crunchy Flavors to Eat at Nihonbashi Nishiki Horin offers more than 20 different types of carinto, from traditional to new “cheese, yuzu orange, olive oil, and honey”. Seasonal flavors come out to try without being boring.

8. Manju, the cutest chick : Tokyo Hiyoko

The manchu is design as the famous Chick Chick, Tokyo Hiyoko’s famous 50-year-old shop. The chick-made dough is made with domestic wheat flour, knead to match the main ingredients. Then put stuffing with sweet peas, a little sweet And then the water is grilled to be cook. Therefore, the outer powder has a slightly crunchy feel and the inside is soft and goes well with a thin sweet filling. With meticulousness in every production process that has won the hearts of people for a long time Plus, during spring, there will be a sakura filling that infuses the delicate scent of sakura.