1 day trip in Eastern Kyoto, popular areas

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Eastern Kyoto is one of the areas where there are many interesting attractions and landmarks. It is an old neighborhood with a narrow street. There are many residential areas, temples and shrines of the same name. Can spend a full day of traveling Or hardly enough at all

Let’s take a look at this one-day plan to travel to the east of Japan’s World Heritage City.

1. Ginkakuji Temple, Eastern Kyoto

Takes 45 minutes

This is a Zen temple built by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa (Ashikaga Yoshimasa) where he spent his late retirement living here. And the prototype of this temple is influenced by Kinkakuji Temple.

2. Philosopher’s Path

Take 90 minutes

The walkway is paved with stones along the way and runs along a small waterway. Both sides of the road were lined with hundreds of cherry trees. This is another very popular spot for cherry blossom viewing at the beginning of April every year.

3. Nanzenji Temple

Takes 1 hour

Zen temple of Japan This temple is located at the foot of Higashiyama Mountain, and is one of the important temples of Zen Buddhism.

4. Keage Incline

Takes 30 minutes

This is a path on the right-hand side of the brick drainage pipe behind Nanzenji Temple. Along the slopes are line with cherry trees that are ready to bloom in spring.

5. Heian Shrine

Takes 1 hour

In front of the shrine, there is a giant red torii gate. On the side of the temple there is a large garden that surrounds the temple area. There are many trees in the garden. Japanese style pond and there are still many cherry trees line up. It is another popular spot. That people come to see the cherry blossoms.

6. Yasaka Shrine

Takes 30 minutes

Or Gion Shrine It is another famous shrine in Kyoto. Built about 1350 years ago, this shrine is located in the Gion and Higashiyama areas. The main building is design as a combination of honden and haiden. In front of the main building is a pavilion with hundreds of lanterns hanging. If in the evening the lights will be turned on at a very beautiful lamp. Each lantern is donate by various shops in Kyoto.

7. Kodaiji Temple

Takes 45 minutes

It is built in 1606 by his wife Toyotomi Hideyoshi to commemorate him. Kodaiji Temple is a Rinzai sect temple of Zen Buddhism. The main building of the temple is fund to help build. This gives the building a luxurious interior and the surrounding has a beautiful zen garden.

8. Higashiyama District

Takes 1 hour

It is a shopping promenade area. Both sides of the road are full of shops. Many dessert shops The district is located on a hill in the east of Kyoto. The charm of this area is the old style of buildings, houses, shops. Especially the area between Kiyomizu Temple (Kiyomizudera) to Yasaka Shrine is a narrow street. On both sides of the road, there is a traditional Japanese-style wooden building. Which is both a restaurant Local dessert shop It gives a feeling of the old city that still has the uniqueness of the old Kyoto.